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Restarted in-person as of June 2022!

We are hosting bi-monthly gatherings called "Unity Cafes" - and YOU are invited! To help us connect to ideas and to each other, we will explore themes as listed below. Coffee & refreshments will be served.


Connecting through Art & Culture

Presented by a Local Artist (a special "surprise" guest)

Connecting through Fun
February 28 (2020)

Celebrate Naw Ruz ("new year") with music, games & fun

Connecting through Movement (Martial Arts)
January 17 (2020)

Rahmat Costas

Connecting through Yoga & Meditation
November 29 (2019)
Presenting by Angela Bryson


Connecting throught Service
September 20 (2019)
Featuring local youth who have made service & volunteerism a part of their life

For more information: unitycafe.ayr@gmail.com

Themes from September 2018 - June 2019

Connecting throught Music
September 21
Featuring Kim Mandar and the Vestures (musical trio)

Connecting through Yoga & Meditation
November 16
Presenting by Angela Bryson

Connecting through Storytelling
January 18
Jaellayna Palmer

Connecting through Fasting (Natural Healing)
March 15
Ward Hazen, D.C.

Connecting through Nature
May 17
Steve Fleischauer
Photos by Daniel Entz

Connecting through Dialogue: Highlights from Parliament of the World's Religions
June 21
Jaellayna Palmer
NOTE: Ayr Firehall at 7:30 rather than usual time/place

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