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Connecting through Fun

When someone asks you what you find “fun,” what do you think of? Perhaps you are now thinking about sports or games or movies or a good book or family time or dancing or cooking or hiking — I suppose it could be just about anything. One thing that these activities have in common is that we do them out of choice and when we are free to do whatever we want to do. Or as the dictionary puts it: “Enjoyment, amusement, or lighthearted pleasure.”

The next Unity Café, hosted by the Baha’is of North Dumfries, is called “Connecting through Fun.” We hope to laugh together, relax, and maybe even be a little silly. The evening will include games, music, and more than one surprise.

By the way, the timing is not accidental. Every year from 25 February to the end of the month Baha’is around the world celebrate Ayyam-i-Ha. I know that word looks strange, so I’ll also give you the translation: Days of Joy. It is a time for celebration, hospitality, charitable deeds, gift giving, and fellowship.

Please consider joining us Friday 28 February at 7 pm at the North Dumfries Community Complex. Following the program, we will have plenty of time for socializing and enjoying refreshments.

You are invited, and we would love to see you there. For more information for this event hosted by the Baha’is of North Dumfries: .



Submitted to Ayr News by Jaellayna Palmer, February 2020

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