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Back to School (Unity Cafes)

I am not going to back to school this month, nor do I have children or grandchildren who are. And yet I feel part of the annual “back to school” season.

Perhaps even more than when the calendar year begins in January, September is a time for re-starts. I usually reflect on my own school years and might even give in to an urge to buy school/office supplies. But more importantly, I find myself thinking about my own learning and development. I don’t suppose Leonardo da Vinci was talking specifically about back-to-school, but surely this quote from him is as true today as when he wrote it over 500 years ago: “Develop your senses, especially learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.”

So this seems like a good time to announce a new event hosted by the Baha’is of North Dumfries—gatherings referred to as “Unity Cafes.”  Much like we nourish our bodies through a variety of food,  these cafes will nourish our minds, bodies, and spirits.

Open to all with the goal of bringing people together in friendship, we will explore the arts and share ideas. And since it is a “cafe,” there will be refreshments, too.

Here’s something to think about. World news focuses on what keeps us apart, separate, and divided. As an alternative to that, what can unite and connect us instead? Many of us know in our hearts and minds that there is just one race – the human race. If we also recognize that we are spiritual beings, then it is even easier to consider our connectedness.

Whatever may be your own faith—or no particular faith—please consider joining us. The series will be launched Friday 21 September at the North Dumfries Community Centre. The theme that evening will be “Connecting through Music.”  A musical group called “Vestures” will perform, speak to us about how music affects us, and teach us a simple song to keep the music going.

For details about this and future gatherings, please go to or send a message to .




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