Baha段 Celebration, October 21 2017


Through the kind invitation of a Baha段 friend, Jaellayna Palmer, I attended the celebration last Saturday, at NDCC, of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Baha置値lah, the founder of the Baha段 Faith, in Tehran, Persia (now Iran). I was one of about 80 people of all ages enjoying this birthday party.


During the 杜eet and greet time at the beginning of the evening, when I felt warmly welcomed to the event, I chatted with a woman who had been born and grew up in Iran, lived for a while in India, and eventually emigrated to Canada. She told me that for many years no governments or organizations other than the United Nations had been helpful to Baha段s who were fleeing persecution in Iran and she still feels a deep sense of gratitude to the UN for this.


I asked why the Bahai痴 were persecuted, and my new acquaintance explained that the major reason was the conflict of Baha置値lah痴 teaching that He was the Manifestation of God for this age, with the teaching of Islam that Mohammed was the final Manifestation, or Prophet and also the Baha段 emphasis on world unity and peace between nations.


In light of the large roomful of people present at this celebration, I wondered how many Baha段s live in our area. Only 20 in North Dumfries, it seems, though there are about 500 adult members in Waterloo Region as a whole. They are a diverse group of people, and their Faith is one of the fastest growing religions in the world.


During the evening there were brief presentations by local Baha段 representatives, a video illustrating the many Names of God and the rich meanings of those Names, a skit by a youth group, a presentation by a young musical duo, and a folksy singer (Ed VandenDool) who entertained in a relaxed and relaxing style. He and all the presenters were Baha段, bearing impressive testimony to their Faith in the family of humankind and welcoming visitors as part of that family.


The evening culminated in the serving of delicious refreshments and more food for the spirit, as people met and mingled!


If you would like more information about Baha段s and their Faith, go to ,, and/or


Anne Treadwell

Ayr Resident