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Happy New Year! Such a friendly greeting — always in style, never wrong to say it. Even though around the world many variations on the calendar are followed, anthropologists tell us that the renewal of a calendar cycle is practiced everywhere. Very importantly, during the transition between the two cycles, people can look forward as well as back.

Looking forward: A new year invites fresh ideas, personal goals, welcome opportunities, and a sense of optimism. We are renewed and re-energized, so much seems possible, and we are resolved to make changes.

The turning of the calendar also invites us to reflect on the year past. What did we learn? How did we grow or improve? Did we use our time well? Did we show appreciation to others? Were we useful? Did we impact other people in a positive way? Did we take care of our homes, our community, our planet?

I know it sounds like a lot, and there’s probably even more that I could mention. I don’t know about you, but I try to at least consider these kinds of questions, though I usually get distracted or tired before I get through the list.

That’s just one of the several reasons that I’m looking forward to the upcoming Unity Café. As readers of the Ayr News know, the primary purpose of every Unity Café is to enjoy an evening with other friendly folk and to learn something while we’re at it. With an upbeat presentation on a topic of general and mutual interest, with a hands-on experience of some sort, and then easy conversation along with refreshments – what’s not to enjoy?

At the 20 January Unity Café, Ayr artist Debra Vincze will introduce us to a technique she calls artistic journaling. As she summarized it for me: “Artistic journaling invites a person to channel expression of thoughts and feelings as an alternative to written words.”

As a writer/reader I love words. I also sometimes like to put words aside and find other ways to communicate. I am not what anyone would describe as artistic, but I do enjoy using the arts in a new way and in a non-judgmental atmosphere.

That evening Debra will tell us about this technique and guide us through the fundamentals. By the end of her presentation and our practice, everyone there will be ready to continue on their own if they wish. In any case, we will have had an uplifting Friday evening. Considering January’s typically dreary weather, it feels like perfect timing to me.

FYI: Hosted by the Baha’is of North Dumfries. 7:30pm North Dumfries Community Complex, Seniors Lounge. For more information: .




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