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Bahai Teachings

Founded in 1863, the Bahá'í Faith today is among the fastest growing of all the world's religions. Already the second-most widespread faith in the world, it is also considered to be the most diverse organized body of people on the planet.

All the teachings of Baha'u'llah (the founder of our Faith) are based on the principle of oneness. Here are some of these teachings:

  • One God, one religion – revealed over time through a succession of Messengers; Baha'u'llah is the most recent of these Messengers.

  • One race – the human race

  • Protection of all peoples, all creatures, and our planet

  • Humanity’s readiness to establish a global and just society

  • The Baha’i Faith is a world-wide faith guided by our elected leadership. Within our own locations and cultures, we work toward a peaceful, unified future.

What do Baha'is do?

Baha’is practice:

  • A devotional life including daily prayer

  • Independent investigation of truth

  • Fellowship with the followers of all religions

  • A life dedicated to the service of humanity

Some of our principles include:

  • Recognition of the common origin and fundamental unity of all religions

  • Equality of men and women

  • Agreement of science and religion

  • The elimination of all forms of prejudice

  • Spiritual solutions to economic problems including eliminating extremes of wealth and poverty

  • The adoption of a world auxiliary language, a world script, and a universal system of currency, weights & measures

  • A world commonwealth of nations

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